Less than 30 days until I move to Japan!


No. This is not an Anne Bradstreet-esque poem.

Is this real life?

I was in Victoria’s Secret when I found out I would be living in Shizuoka Prefecture in 72 days– 71 days from today. I was surrounded by over-priced underwear, over-priced lip gloss, and two screaming children. It didn’t seem real.

First of all, I have never bought anything from Victoria’s Secret. I don’t have that kind of money. But, I heard Japan’s bras are decorated like small parade floats and finding my size would be comparable to finding the fountain of youth– not like I can find my size in America anywhere but Victoria’s Secret anyway. But hey, I can find something simple here– even if it is Victoria’s Secret.

I was in Victoria’s Secret to get ready for Japan. I’ve been talking about Japan for seven years now. The JET program I have been talking about for…

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