My first blog ever!


Over the last few weeks, I’ve been working on the closest thing to a child I’ve ever had– The JET program application. Not only is it the most extensive application I have ever had to fill out, but it has also been the most emotionally-trying. If I am accepted into the JET program, I will be teaching English in Japan by this July. If I am rejected,  something I’ve been planning for literally three-and-a-half years of my life, and my post-grad plan, will be gone and I’ll be left wondering, “What am I supposed to do now?”.

I dropped off my application at Kinko’s tonight with a friend who is also applying to this same program. As we left the establishment she turned to me and told me, “You just gave birth. You just gave birth and it went off to college.” Yes. That’s exactly what happened. This little baby slowly…

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