Post-grad life brings out a wave of emotions and experiences. Here are seven that I feel are pretty common after leaving your Alma Mater.


University has given Dobby a diploma? Dobby is free!

2. Dependence

So I have $27,000 in debt and my first payment is in November? I need a job and I need my mom.

3. Serenity

I have no homework. I have no pre-reqs. I have no homework. I have no pre-reqs.

4. Anxiety

So, I can’t still live in my on-campus student-apartment and it’s weird for me to stalk the campus I called home for the last few years? And all of my classmates aren’t going to be around? Why so many changes?!

5. Excitement

I can actually get paid to do work?! This is a new page of my life and the world is my oyster.

6. Loneliness

So, I can’t just walk out into my dorm hall or on campus and see hundreds of people I know? Well, at least I have my Instagram followers and my blog. 

7. “Noobish”

Okay. So, “noobish” isn’t a feeling. But, yet again, you are the least experienced one out there (in the working world). . It’s like being the freshman of real life. You may have spent the last few years with your nose in the books, but your application skills are…less than graceful. 

Regardless of the wave of emotions, post-grad life is just new and anything new is scary and exciting. Keep your heads up grads! This is just the beginning.