So, this week was the first week of my first roommate’s first year of teaching. (In this post-grad life, you just can’t help but say the word first three times in a sentence.) I am so incredibly thrilled for her and her students are going to be spoiled with knowledge and fun.

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This week was also the week that my most recent roommate went off to China to teach.

And that same day, I went to work as a cashier with a four-year degree.

Now, I’m not jealous. I have both of those opportunities at my fingertips.

I guess, I have just always been the first at everything. I entered kindergarten at age 4, I graduated at 17 and then at 21. I just have always had a head start and this time, I don’t. I have a four-year degree and on Friday I cleaned a bathroom which was so disgusting, my manager apologized.

This is my life.

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But, I am not above this life. I think, if anything, this is teaching me humility and giving me the drive to have a better life. Life doesn’t hand anything to anyone, and if it did, I think it would make me less of a person.

There is a Serbian proverb that says, ” Be humble for you are made of dung. Be noble for you are made of stars.” And, I agree with that. We are better and worse than we seem at all moments. So, yes. I deserve better than saying cleaning bathrooms is my purpose in life, but I am not too special to clean one either.

You don’t always get what you want right away (In fact, that hardly ever happens.) and sometimes it takes cleaning a few toilets to figure out what you are really willing to do to have a life you are proud of. Being a cashier and cleaning toilets is not something I want to do forever.

But, hey. What do I do?

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I come up with new career plans every week it seems and they are all far different from the last. In the last four months, I have decided to become a realtor, a school counselor, a post office delivery person, an HR representative, a T-Mobile salesperson, and even a Mod Podge guru who resells refurbished furniture I would buy at thrift stores. Talk about well-rounded…. but hey, we’ve been groomed for well-rounded resumes, have we not?

But, can’t I just chose One Direction?

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If only life were that simple….

So, here’s to finding a job where I don’t have to clean toilets. But, here’s to never thinking I am above that either.

Shoot me an email if you want to talk about life.

Love you all,