So, I made a post a while back about how I had lost a lot of my happiness because my situation had been pretty horrible–so horrible, I grew sick and almost didn’t graduate.

However, I ended that post saying that perhaps the summer would help me find my happiness, but at the point of writing it, I hadn’t really found it and it was left almost as an unfinished piece.

As the summer is coming to a close, which we can all tell because Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back, I am starting to become happier, and here is what I have discovered about happiness.

No matter what anyone tells you, happiness is definitely (at least partially) situational.

I think that there is a portion of happiness which comes from perspective, but I genuinely believe that your actual situation can have a great deal of control over your happiness.

Unhappiness is like poison, some people self- medicate, while others of us are poisoned without trying to be.

For example, take Snow White…

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She was the fairest in the land, her aura had a power similar to Noah’s Ark, and she had lots of friends who had lots of money– well, jewels.

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She pretty much had it going for her. But, along came the witch and gave her a poisoned apple and well, shoot. Snow White is poisoned.

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Now, since our real life isn’t a fairy tale and true love doesn’t actually help you if you were say… bitten by a brown recluse, I wouldn’t tell Snow White to change her perspective (like so many happy people tell unhappy people). I would tell her to get to a hospital so that they could get the poison out… I mean, if that was an option in her time…

Some poison we take ourselves by viewing our world through a negative perspective. But, some of it is like radiation– seeping into our lives and poisoning us without us really noticing until, you know, we grow a third arm or we really don’t like the person we have become.

We all have the power to give poison or life to anyone, and sadly sometimes people or situations around us poison us– or even worse, we do it to other people. But, there is always an option to get the poison out and become happy again.

And, just because our happiness is partially situational doesn’t make it any less legitimate. If anything, it’s really important that our happiness is partially situational.

If we were perfectly content no matter the situation, we would probably not reach for bigger or better things. So, don’t put up with the poisoned apple. Go for the gems! Go after those dreams and wishes lost in the caves of your life– they are still there and with a little work, they can shine.

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