There are some people who float in and out of your life like a freed buoy in the ocean, and there are others who pull you into them without meaning to– like the moon attracts the ocean tide.

And I suppose he was the moon.

When I first saw my best friend, like everyone else who first saw their best friend, he was a stranger to me. But, there are some things which seem so natural even though no one told you about them– like breathing. He was natural in that sort of way.

In the last few months, I’ve been learning a lot from a family called the Aldos. I met Michelle on Twitter sort of on accident, and although we don’t talk much, I watch her videos almost daily. She posts often on her Facebook about how you need to think positively and be driven by what you really want.

And, before I met Michelle, I really wanted my best friend, then stranger, to be my best friend. And I went for our friendship like I had never gone for anything in my life. I chose this person over my friends of three years– which sounds horrible, but they had left me to dry about a year prior and I was just holding on to threads of something that really didn’t exist anymore.

My best friend pushed me to have a better life, to be with people who really cared about me, and to have a passion for my life again.

However, after student teaching, I lost a lot of the passion I had. I was burnt out, and it really wasn’t until I met Michelle that I started to miss having that passion in my life.

The other day she posted a video challenging her Facebook friends to remember what they really wanted in life– to really think about it and nothing more. And, I don’t entirely know what that looks like, but I know what it feels like… and I felt it in the moon.