So, I had an interview today in Seattle for a new job.

And just my luck, I showed up to a different Starbucks (which is actually really easy to do in Seattle).

I walked around asking for directions and attempting to use my phone’s GPS as a map. My feet blistered in my heels as I walked up and down the hills of Seattle– which are San Fransisco-esque and are totally under-rated in steepness.

A security guard who noticed my confused nature, told me that I was so far away from the Starbucks I needed to go back to my car. I was almost in tears calling my friend who referred me to the job. I asked if he could text the lady I was meeting and explain the situation.

As I stepped into the elevator to go back to my parked car, a tattooed man in a blue polo who smelled of nicotine asked me how my day was. I told him that it wasn’t going very well. I was trying to find this Starbucks for an interview and I didn’t know what to do.

He asked me if he could see the address and he told me he was going to walk me there.

I was shocked. I thanked him continuously as we got back in the elevator and he walked five blocks with me to the main building where the packed Starbucks awaited me.

He told me he wasn’t from the city area either and he knew what it felt like to have no idea where to be and when.

As he left, I told him thank you again and I couldn’t help but feel so happy to know that there are people out there like that. I wished I had asked his name or had some way to repay him.

I walked in almost a half hour late to my interview apologizing profusely and explaining my story.

After she got me a grande green tea, she sat down and the more we talked, the more we hit it off. She loved my questions and the questions she cared to ask were meaningful and showed her passion for a family-like team.

By the end of the interview, she simply offered me the job.

As I mentioned in a recent post, I have been following the Aldo couple on Facebook, and they talk about how the energy you put out will come back to you. If you have the passion and take steps towards success, it will come to you.

Without their posts, I may have just been at my part-time, minimum wage, no-benefits job and never tried to go after something bigger and better for myself (or at least not so quickly).

So, in the end, you get what you give. I know that man will someday receive the help he gave me. And I know that my efforts towards this job have led me to it. So, if you are losing hope and you feel like your dreams are dying, hold tight. You’ve got the music in you.