For the majority of our lives we are asked what we want to do, and I think the majority of us get a ways into adulthood and still have no idea.

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For the majority of my life, I have been bred to be motivated by loves– to work for a job I love, a house I love, people I love. Now, this is essential. You must be motivated by loves. However, I think we miss out on the other half of our motivation– the motivation that comes from our dislikes, maybe even our hates.

I think as a culture, we tend to stigmatize “negative” emotions.

See… there we go, we label them negative. You know which ones I am talking about– anger, hate, sadness, the list goes on.

We tend to want to change these emotions. We tell children not to cry. We tell those who are angry to calm down. We tell people to forgive. And while we should forgive, and calm down, and stop crying eventually– I don’t think we should believe those emotions come from negative intentions.

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For example, if someone came into your home and stole everything from you, you would probably be crushed and furious– and you should be! You spent countless hours working to pay for the things you have, maybe some of your things have sentimental value. Either way, you are angry because what happened was unjust and you know that it’s wrong.

And I think that we deep down believe that having the freedom to live out our passions is just— and when life “takes away” those dreams (whether we know what they are or not) we get angry.

I spent the better half of this year absolutely furious.

I had my dreams in my grasp, and I experienced the fruition of my dreams. And alas, they were my nightmare. And I was filled with the most passion I have ever felt in my life– and it wasn’t love– it was frustration, it was anger, it was crushing sadness, and it was a loathing of my everyday experience.

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There is nothing so motivating as passion– and I think our passions can come just as strongly from our loathing as they do from our love– if not more strongly.

So, what do you hate? What infuriates you? What fills you with sadness? Can you do something with your life to change that? Can you live a life full of passion? I believe so. I believe we all can.

Don’t push down those negative emotions. They may just be what pushes you into a life you are passionate about.

If you can’t take it from me, take it from Britney.

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