When I first started this blog, I was planning to move to Japan and this was going to be a travel blog of sorts. When that fell through and I stayed in American suburbia, my Plan B was to become a local travel blogger. Yet, due to the horrific traffic of Seattle– it’s almost impossible to do anything without having the whole day off. Since that rarely happens, Plan B of becoming a local travel blogger also failed.

So, I was left with the name that kept me up at night– Thoughtsofhomes.

What does that even mean?

Additionally, what is Plan C?

I planned for this blog to be a caterpillar forever, but I think it turned into something much better. *Cue the cliché metaphor*

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While still in the chrysalis of style, I had no plan. I wasn’t sure what I wanted. So, I just started writing about things. Things I cared about or things that struck me or changed me. Things that made me dream or reminisce– Thoughtsofhomes, if you will. Thoughts of my future. Thoughts of my past. Thoughts of my life– my homes or places of belonging and growth in time and space and spirit.

And after 33 (now 34) blogs, one could say I have found inspiration, happiness, hope, and homes in many a thing– the ocean, cash registersSnow White, heck, even a toilet.

And through it all, through simply writing about what I cared about without necessarily having a plan–I think I have finally begun to understand my voice. The butterfly is getting ready to emerge, my friends.

I tried to make this a run-of-the-mill travel blog where I just talked about what I did and where I lived, when really this is a life travel blog– something that transcends a physical house or location. It’s a place about homes, dang it!

This is where I think about where I belong in this life, what makes me who I am, and what my passion and purpose for waking up every morning is– and it is totally okay for that inspiration to come from the toilet, am I right?

Where did your voice come from? Are you still looking for it? Have you just allowed yourself to go with the flow and let the chrysalis begin to form?