I had my first day of orientation at my new job today, and the CEO definitely came in and gave us all– surgeons, social workers, payroll, baristas, landscapers…. his personal cell phone number.

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No. Seriously.

I am already thrilled to be joining this new company. After hearing and experiencing first hand the mission and values of this place, I am blown away by how much they care for patients and employees alike. I mean, the CEO came to our little orientation– talk about caring for your people from day one.

After our debriefing, I stood in line behind a man who sat with me at my table that afternoon. He asked me if my barista job was just a school job and I said that I had graduated and was just sort of trying to find my way after realizing teaching wasn’t for me.

He immediately told me to try and get out of my position and that I would not have a chance to grow as a barista. Now, this man had been a barista before, but hey, it was his first day too.

I don’t want to be a barista for life, but I know that I can make a difference in people’s day and I can finally make enough to not only pay bills, but save. There are nothing but positives for me and the fact that I get to do it at this business– a business whose values resonate so closely with my own– is even more of a plus.

So, that man may have tried to put some grainy grounds in this barista’s cup, but not today.

If I have learned anything from opinions, either from my own or others’, I have learned that you must filter them.

Just like we teach high school students that not everything they read on Wikipedia is legitimate, so do we need to challenge the opinions around and within us. We need to back it up. We need a filter. Yes. We do want a Pumpkin Spice Latte with Soy milk, an extra shot, and whip.

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But, no. We don’t want grains in there.

We can all have different opinions– some of us are cappuccinos, others are lattes. Some of us are a PSL, while others the ever-loyal vanilla. Our flavors and styles make us unique, but you have got to filter. You can’t just take it all in and expect it to turn out any good.

So, no. I am not thinking that my new company is flawless, but I am also not going to buy into the idea that I need to be counting the days until my resignation. This is a step up in my life. And, yeah. I am not quite at the level of professionalism as the pharmacist who sat next to me, but I can be if I keep expecting the best out of myself in every situation.