I think so many of us are time-biased. You know what I’m saying?

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No? Well…

What I mean is, have you ever heard someone say, “You have to be focused on the present– don’t get too caught up in the past” or “Be looking towards the future– dream about what could be.”

I feel like people get really into this– either you are a future-minded planner or an in-the-moment- enthusiast, and then I have noticed most past-dwellers to be glory-days-storytellers or the type that just cannot let things go.

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Well, not physically let things go, but you know what I mean…

So, which should you be? Past-, Present-, or Future- Minded.


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Calm down there, guys. Don’t be so tense….

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But in all seriously, if I have learned anything from this year, it is balance.

Balance between home life and work life.

Balance between your dreams and your reality.

In the end, I think all three tenses exist because…. they have a purpose!

Here, let me explain…

Your past:

Generally, we gain skills and connections over time– so forgetting what it was like to be a child or start a new career or bear the one to rule them all might leave you a little less humble and understanding than if you remember where you have been and what you have been through.

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Our pasts can additionally leave some bad memories–bad bosses, bad life decisions, bullies, this guy…

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Our past motivates us to do or have better than what we had as well as reminds us just how far we have come.


Your Present:

Consciousness means to be aware of one’s surrounding. Even if we are all conscious physically, we can be unconscious mentally– or at least partially.

Did anyone ever have that teacher that asked you to be present physically and mentally in class?


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Pippin most likely did…

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Yeah. I would bet money on that….

Being present in your mind makes you active– even listening can be active if you are present and responsive to what is going on.

If you are unresponsive to your current situation– you are letting life happen to you– which can be okay at times. (Here comes that word balance again) But, in order to enact change you must be a change agent– someone who takes action to create a difference.

You must be present to be the change agent you need.


Your Future:

Do you remember fire drills in Elementary school?

When we stood outside in snow in a t-shirt because the class we were just in had the heater broken and stuck on 90° (32°C)?

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Just me? Anyways…

Preparing for the future saves lives– just like you being prepared for a natural disaster or carrying jumper cables in your car or bringing an army of elves to fight off Orcs on your weekend trip to Mordor.

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However, we can prepare for non-disasters too, like dreaming about the work-life balance we want, or the business we want to start, or going back to school.

If we never thought about the future we wouldn’t ask for raises or even dare to dream for something better than what we have. And our dreams for the future give us hope.

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Essentially, the present gives us the possibility to change, if we choose to do so. The past produces our desire to change. And the future is the hope we need to believe we can change ourselves or our situation for the better.

So, I’d say, I’m not only future-minded.

I’m not only present-minded.

And I’m certainly not only past-minded.

I am story-minded.

My life story has a past, it has the current chapter, and there is more to come and I feel privileged to have an option in how my story continues from here.

But, I need the whole book to find meaning and purpose in the pages of my life.

I hope you value every letter in your book.

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Much love,