So, I am a really quiet person. Always have been.

In fact, when I came out of my shell a bit in college, my grandfather sat down with me and told me he was so happy that I was talking because he was afraid I would have had a really hard time making friends and getting a job if I had stayed my usual, silent self.

I also sometimes have entire conversations with people where I start whispering and they just go along with it without thinking about the fact that we could just be speaking at normal volume if we wanted. I just don’t want to.

I love silence and quiet and if noise could be lessened in all arenas of life, I would love that.

However, it also leads to the prompting of my number one pet peeve– being told to be louder or more assertive.

Now, you always hear the loud people who say, “I just can’t help that I am loud.”– I mean they are loud about it, naturally.

However, you rarely hear the back lash of the quiet ones, again, naturally.

So, here comes my noise-free plea…

Dear loud/ assertive people in my life,

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1. I love you. However, just as you have a right to your loudness, I have a right to my quietness.

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2. I love you, but telling me to be more assertive and me agreeing to be more assertive just made me passive to your assertive demand for me to be assertive. (Did you catch that?)

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3. I love you, but don’t ask me to be louder in front of large groups of people. I reserve my loudness (if I even have any) for those who love me.

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4. I love you but, don’t be mad if I don’t get louder, this is my natural volume and if I have to speak louder I will feel like I am yelling everything I say– which feels extremely awkward and I could actually lose my voice.

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5. I love you. However, just like I tolerate the loudness of this world, you can tolerate taking the time to get close to me to listen to what I have to say.

Much love,

A Quiet Person Who is Very Happy Remaining Quiet