Do you ever have those days where one small thing happens and it just reminds you of all of the sad things that have happened in the last year?

That’s me right now.

A common theme of my blog is my personal struggle with feeling like a failure and just a minute ago a customer left the store because I was taking too long to make his coffee.

TBH our machines are new. So, they are still calibrating and decaf shots are literally dirt flavor right now.

So, I kept pulling shots…

and pulling shots…

and pulling shots…

and even though he knows our machine does this, he blamed the coffee on me to my manager while I was right there.

My manager knows it’s our machine.

But, still.

I was blamed and I hate that…

…because I so easily blame things on myself– like quitting my career four months in or barely graduating due to being so stressed.

I quit a job teaching in Japan before I even got on the plane.

I just feel like I have failed at almost everything I have done for the past year.

My last job’s negative atmosphere and finger- pointing didn’t help either.

But, I will overcome this.

What will you overcome today?