About a week and a half into my new job, I was promoted.

However, the new guy I just trained is already better than me at being a barista.

A saying I always hated, but I am beginning to feel truly resonates with my life is:

“Those who cant do, teach.”

I always thought it was dissing on teachers, and it probably is meant to…

…but, I really am not that good of a barista…. but, my trainer started asking me to train other people and my assistant manager began teaching me things that other people didn’t learn in the basic training.

When I train people to froth milk, their first try is normally better than my average (given, I have only been a barista for a month and I get little time on bar).

So, maybe I am the type that can’t do (or at least can’t do very well), but can teach.

And, I am realizing that as I have gotten older, not only can I teach, but I can facilitate. I can organize.

As I have been asked to become a lead (essentially a stand-in for a manager) I can tell that these are skills others can see in me.

And I didn’t really see them until I was placed in this position.

I realized these skills because someone saw them in me and believed in me.

And, being a teacher, I always knew the importance of believing in your students.

However, it’s nice to be the “believee”.

It’s empowering to be believed in.

It makes you aware of your skills and makes you aware of something to develop and improve.

Who believes in you? What have they inspired you to do or to be? Who do you believe in?