Grocery Shopping.


Home Repairs.


All of these things are common priorities. Not in order mind you…. I promise I shower more often than I go to the grocery store.

About a year ago, I totally sucked at priorities.

In fact, I sucked so bad I almost didn’t graduate and almost lost my husband-to-be.

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Yeah. I know…

But, hey. Priorities are hard! Especially when you are younger.

People say things like:

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Or this:

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Okay, maybe a slap isn’t something people say, but you get the point.

When you are young, or going through a crisis, (which, if we are going to be real here, is pretty much the same thing) how do you know how to “do you” when you don’t know who you is…are?

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Well, if you have lost your sense of self, something I have noticed is that those close to you have pretty good insight into who you are. They have an outside perspective on you that you can’t experience.

Sometimes, they can tell you what they think your priorities should be and you’ll find yourself answering…

However, you have to be careful who you consider a close friend. One of the reasons I almost lost my now-fiancé is because I listened to people whom I considered to be close friends…but, those friends were not interested in my well-being in the way I was for them.

You have to make sure that the people you ask to help you discover what your priorities are actually consider you a priority– not what they can get from you.

It’s so easy to take good priorities for granted until they get out of order and you feel as if the once-smooth bike ride of life is more like this….

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I think we naturally know when our priorities are out of whack. It’s easy to say we will get to our priorities when we are not so busy. But, when it comes to relationships or job opportunities or groceries per-say…. there is an expiration date (whether we like it or not).

If we let our food or our relationships or business contacts grow old, they may no longer be good when you come back for them.

I was lucky.

Even though I let my relationship with my fiancé go stagnant back when we were friends, life brought us back together again and I got a second chance to make him the priority he really is to me.

That isn’t normal and that may not happen for you and you could lose something you wanted… maybe even something or someone you wanted for the rest of your life.

So, please. Take the time to choose your priorities wisely because your priorities are your life. They are what you fill your days with and what you spend your energy on. So, don’t let something invaluable pass you by. Don’t let it grow cold. Don’t let it wither.

You may only have one chance. So take it.