Have you ever heard of Bridezillas?

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They look a bit like this….

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Well, I know I will have my own big day coming up someday…

And although I do not think this is a mature way to handle a wedding at all, I understand the frustration–if not from the wedding, then just from life.

Today, I turned to my S.O. and went on and on about how student teaching taught me that you can’t trust anyone to do anything correctly or to be organized. I also went on to say that most people are incapable of simple tasks.

….Yeesh…. Am I really that harsh on the human race?

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Let’s be real. I totally am.



But, essentially, it showed me that I am sort of a control freak when it comes to big events like a wedding or a party.

I guess, in the end, I really just want people to be happy and have a good time and (due to being surrounded by the human race for the past 22 years) I don’t trust people to be as organized as me.

Clearly, I am not lacking in the humility department either….

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This is the face of flaws being realized….

Well, actually it’s the face of Nick Jonas… but you get the point.

Even the mere idea of a big day is bringing out big flaws I sort of knew were there, but never knew the severity of….

Now, I’m not flipping tables, but I honestly have a hard time trusting even extremely capable people to be there for me. And, I don’t know why that is… childhood bullying or realizing that my career wasn’t what it seemed to be, really anything could be to blame….

Essentially, the life lessons I continue to pull away from almost anything in life is that things will never go as planned, people will leave you, and that most things are extremely anxiety-producing.

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However, I need to recognize that my anxiety is not a life lesson.

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Yes. Nothing in life will ever go as planned. Ever.

But, some of the greatest things ever were unplanned, like peanut butter, and meeting best friends, and finding a stranger whom will one day be your family.


So, big events can be amazing, but they do produce stress and when we are stressed, we can see a side of us that needs some work.

 However, it’s what we do after we flip over the table that counts.

It’s okay to lose our cool sometimes, but if we don’t learn anything from it or try to improve, then why are we even here on this planet, am I right?

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So, I’m going to continue my eternal battle against worry and make it a priority to NOT be a Bridezilla.

Because no one likes Bridezilla.

No one.

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