Recently, I have been sleeping in. A lot.

And although, I believe there are seasons for everything– seasons of work, and seasons of rest. My season of rest has been a bit too long.

It was like I had changed my status from human to bear and I was just going to check out for the rest of winter.

Sleeping is definitely my go-to when I am stressed.

Can’t fix your life? Sleep it away, am I right?

Cartoon Network

Clearly, this is not a good life choice, but in the moment where you must choose between dealing with stress….and sleeping, sleeping is just so much more pleasant.

Someday, I will free myself from these petty things…


Recently, I decided I couldn’t let the stress keep me from my life. I needed a change.

So, I went to Target….

Okay, it may not been the best decision in the world, but at least I was out of my bed. It was a stepping stone.

While there, I made it three steps in, and like all of us compulsive creatures, I did what we promise we will never do. I went into the dollar section.



In this dollar section, I found a $1 little strawberry plant– complete with a terracotta pot, seeds, and a planting pellet. I also found a day planner and a clipboard which opens and has a place to take notes inside.

And this is my plan.

I am going to have at least one thing productive other than work to do everyday (you have to have something you are doing for yourself– not just for the money).

Although money is important and work can be fulfilling, there has to be a balance.

A day where you make the most of that day doesn’t always equate to the day where you make the most.

Why? Because we desire more than just what money can give us.

Sure, a dream home, a dream car, a dream vacation, or dream lifestyle can be made possible with money.

But, true friendships, or becoming the mother you would want to have, or learning how to organize your dreams can’t always come about from money– which is good!

If money got us everything we wanted we would be a complete slave to it.

But we aren’t unless we choose to be. Sometimes we turn down the job that pays more because it takes away time from our friends and family or isn’t something we are passionate about.

Part of what makes this earth a home for me isn’t just a house– it’s who I am , who my friends are, the life I live out…

If you want to know how to make the most of every day, think about what you cannot live without or what you would give up to accomplish something. Find out what you truly want and focus on it and you will be surprised how you naturally will find a way to make your passions a reality.

And like this tiny little strawberry plant, my dreams will grow into something I can see…and possibly taste.

And I think Shia said it best….



Keep Dreaming, Little Homes.

Love, Thoughtsofhomes