I was putting on my make up the other day and I thought to myself about how little make up I put on now as opposed to in high school.

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Now, I didn’t wear a ton of make up because I had blotchy skin or because I was embarrassed of how I looked without it.

This isn’t one of those ” I don’t need make up to feel pretty” posts.


I wore make up because I was always blushing.

I did just about anything to hide it.

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I gained the nickname strawberry in high school because I was red in the face…. all the time.

I was continuously wondering what people were thinking of me. I was excessively critical of myself. And, due to my self-criticism, I was totally embarrassed to be me.

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Now, I don’t feel that way anymore and I think it’s because I’ve gone through difficult experiences and decided to learn about myself and my values through those experiences. I’m more confident in my decisions and my personality because I am the way I am and do what I do for a reason.

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My face quality hasn’t really improved all that much– I still break out and get red in the face sometimes. But, definitely not as often.

Because being myself isn’t something to be stressed out or embarrassed about.
Have you stopped blushing yet?
Much love, Thoughtsofhomes