I’ve never had many hobbies. And, I really didn’t have any hobbies until I took a creative writing class in college with a mind-blowingly inspirational professor. And I just couldn’t stop writing. I wrote on napkins, on gum wrappers, anything I could get my hands on for a while.

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And, then life got busy and I was stressed and it sort of fell to the wayside.

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And, when I thought about giving up my blog less than a month ago, it was heart wrenching. Giving up writing felt like giving up a part of myself–like losing a limb or having one lung instead of two.

I’ve “picked up” lots of hobbies from friends. And as these friends come and go, so do the hobbies. But, writing follows me. It haunts me like a ghost.

Here on WordPress, I am surrounded by people who understand how easily it can be to confuse writing with breathing. And, as I am no longer in my writing classes– finding friends who write out of necessity as I do is much harder.

Almost giving up this hobby- something that makes me who I am, really made me realize how big of a deal writing is to me. 

How big of a deal you all are to me. 

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It makes me feel less alone to know that there are other people that like to think deeper about life and record their thoughts- for fun, for therapy, for survival.

What does writing mean to you? Tell me in the comments below! I want to get to know you. 🙂

Stay loving, Little Homes.