A Zero Day is a day where you take zero steps towards accomplishing what you really want in life.

My fiancé sent me a link to a subreddit where a man describes how he never lets a day go by without doing one thing that makes him closer to what he wants. Even if it’s 11:59 he’ll do one push up or send one email or learn something that improves him.

I recently wrote a post about How to Make the Most of Everyday and it had a similar message. But, when my strawberry plant I cared for daily was brutally slain in the shrill cold of February, I lost some hope and became lazy again– which is so easy to do.

So, I got on Groupon.

That aggressively addictive drug called Groupon.

via Jezebel.com

And I only bought one thing.

via Reddit

I know. I know. How did I do it?


I bought a five dollar course on Fashion and Lifestyle Blogging from Trendimi. I have used them before. It’s simple, easy to use, and all online. I have already finished module one of eleven.

I’m excited for no more zero days! Please encourage me and I’ll encourage you too!

So, what will you do to avoid more zero days? Comment below. 😉

Much love, TOH