An amazing first post by a lovely woman I mentored. Her observations on life are a breath of fresh air.


Thank you.

Those were the only words that came to my mind as I was standing on top of a mountain overlooking the Rhine River and Schloss Drachenburg (Palace of the Dragon). My trip to Europe felt like a pause in time. The most picturesque pause of my life actually. I felt like a princess romping around to country after country (Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, back to Germany, then France), eagerly soaking in the beautiful culture and ancient history.


I only spent 21 days in Europe, but I’d like to share with you a couple things I learned. Writing just one and hopefully not too dreadfully long and drawn-out blog on my trip just doesn’t seem quite right. But here it goes. I hope that one day, you will get to experience Europe too. 🙂 However, I know that your experience will be different and unique. There’s just so much…

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