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Vlogs to Come

Hello All,

As I said, I’m coming back with a vengeance. So, prepare to see some vlogs here in the future. I have a few recorded, just need to edit them. 😉

I’m not too tech savvy but, learning is fun.

Keep a look out for the new tab “Vlogs” to appear on the main menu.

Keep it real, Homes.



Am I Writing or Breathing?

I’ve never had many hobbies. And, I really didn’t have any hobbies until I took a creative writing class in college with a mind-blowingly inspirational professor. And I just couldn’t stop writing. I wrote on napkins, on gum wrappers, anything I could get my hands on for a while.

via Michelle Phan


And, then life got busy and I was stressed and it sort of fell to the wayside.



And, when I thought about giving up my blog less than a month ago, it was heart wrenching. Giving up writing felt like giving up a part of myself–like losing a limb or having one lung instead of two.

I’ve “picked up” lots of hobbies from friends. And as these friends come and go, so do the hobbies. But, writing follows me. It haunts me like a ghost.

Here on WordPress, I am surrounded by people who understand how easily it can be to confuse writing with breathing. And, as I am no longer in my writing classes– finding friends who write out of necessity as I do is much harder.

Almost giving up this hobby- something that makes me who I am, really made me realize how big of a deal writing is to me. 

How big of a deal you all are to me. 

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It makes me feel less alone to know that there are other people that like to think deeper about life and record their thoughts- for fun, for therapy, for survival.

What does writing mean to you? Tell me in the comments below! I want to get to know you. 🙂

Stay loving, Little Homes.



Coming Back with a Vengeance

So, I have nothing to avenge. Well, maybe dreams.

But, everything sounds so much more intense when you come back just happening to have a great desire to avenge something.

via Marvel
So, I’ll avenge my dreams. I will avenge this blog!

I haven’t written in twenty-one days on Thoughtsofhomes because I tried to start over and I made another blog called Marriedtomrrobot because (surprise surprise) I am getting married!

Not to a robot, a real person.

via Reddit
Just making sure that is clear.

I just felt like I wasn’t sure where I was going with TOH and honestly, I had to get to a point where I almost got rid of it to realize how I will always have more to write for Thoughtsofhomes because we are always changing and trying to figure out what our purpose is and where we belong.

via Village Roadshow
So, I have decided to marry the two blogs.

heh.heh… see what I did there? 😉


The cheese will never stop…

I know. I’m the worst.

But, for real. I’m coming back with a vengeance.

Big shout out to a newer WordPresser, INFJash , whom inspired me to get back into writing more for TOH.

Go check her blog out. 😉 Seriously.

Things are going to be good.


Much love, Little Homes.


Blogger of the Moment–Path to the Inner Goddess

I planned about 6 months ago to do a monthly blog about a “WordPresser” I follow so as to get closer to my fellow bloggers and feel more at home in the blogging atmosphere.

It was like a plan to give a virtual hug to the bloggers I couldn’t actually meet face to face.


But, it buffered maybe a bit too long.


New jobs came, an engagement, seasons, holidays, and here I am finally sitting down to do this.



And wow, does Path to the Inner Goddess have things to teach me.

This post will help you to understand: the soul behind this blog– Path to the Inner Goddess, what her motivations for her blog are, what kind of readers would be interested in her blog, and what blogs she has written mean the most to her.

When I first clicked on a link to The Path to the Inner Goddess, I was welcomed with beautiful photos of candles, delicious looking photos from her recently acquired vegetarian diet…


and a beautiful photo of the author, Diana Mina.


She describes herself as “a mother of two, writer, massage therapist and aspiring spiritual counselor”.

Many moons ago, I sent her some questions about her blog and she answered them all beautifully. All text below, other than the bold numbered questions, is from Diana.

1. What motivated you to start a blog– was it a whim, a passion, an outlet, a frustration? Describe that moment when you knew you wanted to start “Path to the Inner Goddess”.

 Well, initially my blog was a poetry blog… This is how I started it. With self expression and wanting to share my poetry. Eventually I went further into my spiritual path and started learning many life lessons which led me to want to share those with others as well. Sharing the power of positive thinking to mold your own reality into a more enjoyable one.
For a long time I’ve had a passion for helping other people see their way out of tough situations or out of thinking that hinders their life. I want to go into the field of spiritual counseling or life coaching.
I like to help others empower themselves. Also, I enjoy sharing changes in my path, such as my newly vegetarian journey and sometimes I’ll throw in other random things that others may relate to.

2. What keeps you writing as a blogger? Why are you still blogging? For yourself, for others, for fun?

My reasons for writing definitely change. Sometimes it’s for fun. To keep my blog updated, also sometimes for myself as an outlet.
But, one of the main reasons [ I still blog] is definitely to help others relate or show others different ways to deal with certain challenges in life.

3. What blog that you have written stands out most to you in your mind and why?

The blog that stands out to me the most is the one where I have written about my journey with my special needs son.
He is now 10 years old. The topic is of course very close to my heart being that he is my child and I want to reach out to other parents that have special needs children, to express that there is much more in our children than what is readily visible. We can’t begin to imagine the greatness they hold within.
“He has such a bright spirit… He has actually taught me the lesson of slowing down sometimes and just enjoying life for what it is. He is always in the moment. With everything that comes with our journey, I am so thankful and grateful for having both my sons as mine in this lifetime. He is here for a wonderful purpose and I am happy that he was born to be so much, including to play the role of my son.”
–Path to the Inner Goddess
There is a second blog post that I really do love as well. I wrote it [ the blog]just wanting to show people the angles from which they can begin to love themselves if they are struggling in that area. That self-worth is permanent when it is built from your own inner qualities.

“Building your esteem on more meaningful things is what makes you still feel awesome and proud even if you’re on house-mom mode, in your pajamas, with your hair looking like the snakes on Medusa’s head… It’s surprising how little you will care for the physical because your sense of self has been built on something greater and permanent. Everyone has something meaningful to contribute to this world.”

–Path to the Inner Goddess


 4. What kind of reader would be interested in your blog?

The kind of readers that would be interested in my blog would be the ones that are either on a spiritual path or looking into the spiritual side of things.
Or those who simply wish to stop and take a look  into a deeper perspective of life. Those who are looking for ways to be more positive and increase the love and sense of power within themselves.

All in all, my interview with Diana was eye opening. Through her strength in adversity, her willingness to change and grow, and her courage to reach out to a blogger she has never met, I have learned to accept my own journey and the journey of others. We are all in this together.

I hope you take the time to check out her blog as well as check back here for more updates. 🙂 

If you’d like your blog to be featured, I do not charge– I simply want to know your blog better as well as share. 🙂 I cannot promise speed, but hopefully, I can promise a long-distance friendship.

Much love, little homes.


Embarrassed to be me

I was putting on my make up the other day and I thought to myself about how little make up I put on now as opposed to in high school.

via Disney Channel


Now, I didn’t wear a ton of make up because I had blotchy skin or because I was embarrassed of how I looked without it.

This isn’t one of those ” I don’t need make up to feel pretty” posts.


I wore make up because I was always blushing.

I did just about anything to hide it.

via Nickelodeon


I gained the nickname strawberry in high school because I was red in the face…. all the time.

I was continuously wondering what people were thinking of me. I was excessively critical of myself. And, due to my self-criticism, I was totally embarrassed to be me.

via MTV


Now, I don’t feel that way anymore and I think it’s because I’ve gone through difficult experiences and decided to learn about myself and my values through those experiences. I’m more confident in my decisions and my personality because I am the way I am and do what I do for a reason.

via Disney


My face quality hasn’t really improved all that much– I still break out and get red in the face sometimes. But, definitely not as often.

Because being myself isn’t something to be stressed out or embarrassed about.
Have you stopped blushing yet?
Much love, Thoughtsofhomes

How to Make the Most of Every Day

Recently, I have been sleeping in. A lot.

And although, I believe there are seasons for everything– seasons of work, and seasons of rest. My season of rest has been a bit too long.

It was like I had changed my status from human to bear and I was just going to check out for the rest of winter.

Sleeping is definitely my go-to when I am stressed.

Can’t fix your life? Sleep it away, am I right?

Cartoon Network

Clearly, this is not a good life choice, but in the moment where you must choose between dealing with stress….and sleeping, sleeping is just so much more pleasant.

Someday, I will free myself from these petty things…


Recently, I decided I couldn’t let the stress keep me from my life. I needed a change.

So, I went to Target….

Okay, it may not been the best decision in the world, but at least I was out of my bed. It was a stepping stone.

While there, I made it three steps in, and like all of us compulsive creatures, I did what we promise we will never do. I went into the dollar section.



In this dollar section, I found a $1 little strawberry plant– complete with a terracotta pot, seeds, and a planting pellet. I also found a day planner and a clipboard which opens and has a place to take notes inside.

And this is my plan.

I am going to have at least one thing productive other than work to do everyday (you have to have something you are doing for yourself– not just for the money).

Although money is important and work can be fulfilling, there has to be a balance.

A day where you make the most of that day doesn’t always equate to the day where you make the most.

Why? Because we desire more than just what money can give us.

Sure, a dream home, a dream car, a dream vacation, or dream lifestyle can be made possible with money.

But, true friendships, or becoming the mother you would want to have, or learning how to organize your dreams can’t always come about from money– which is good!

If money got us everything we wanted we would be a complete slave to it.

But we aren’t unless we choose to be. Sometimes we turn down the job that pays more because it takes away time from our friends and family or isn’t something we are passionate about.

Part of what makes this earth a home for me isn’t just a house– it’s who I am , who my friends are, the life I live out…

If you want to know how to make the most of every day, think about what you cannot live without or what you would give up to accomplish something. Find out what you truly want and focus on it and you will be surprised how you naturally will find a way to make your passions a reality.

And like this tiny little strawberry plant, my dreams will grow into something I can see…and possibly taste.

And I think Shia said it best….



Keep Dreaming, Little Homes.

Love, Thoughtsofhomes

My Anxiety is Not a Life Lesson

Have you ever heard of Bridezillas?

via ABC

They look a bit like this….

via Tumblr

Well, I know I will have my own big day coming up someday…

And although I do not think this is a mature way to handle a wedding at all, I understand the frustration–if not from the wedding, then just from life.

Today, I turned to my S.O. and went on and on about how student teaching taught me that you can’t trust anyone to do anything correctly or to be organized. I also went on to say that most people are incapable of simple tasks.

….Yeesh…. Am I really that harsh on the human race?

via Reddit


Let’s be real. I totally am.



But, essentially, it showed me that I am sort of a control freak when it comes to big events like a wedding or a party.

I guess, in the end, I really just want people to be happy and have a good time and (due to being surrounded by the human race for the past 22 years) I don’t trust people to be as organized as me.

Clearly, I am not lacking in the humility department either….

via Nick Jonas

This is the face of flaws being realized….

Well, actually it’s the face of Nick Jonas… but you get the point.

Even the mere idea of a big day is bringing out big flaws I sort of knew were there, but never knew the severity of….

Now, I’m not flipping tables, but I honestly have a hard time trusting even extremely capable people to be there for me. And, I don’t know why that is… childhood bullying or realizing that my career wasn’t what it seemed to be, really anything could be to blame….

Essentially, the life lessons I continue to pull away from almost anything in life is that things will never go as planned, people will leave you, and that most things are extremely anxiety-producing.

via NBC


However, I need to recognize that my anxiety is not a life lesson.

via NBC


Yes. Nothing in life will ever go as planned. Ever.

But, some of the greatest things ever were unplanned, like peanut butter, and meeting best friends, and finding a stranger whom will one day be your family.


So, big events can be amazing, but they do produce stress and when we are stressed, we can see a side of us that needs some work.

 However, it’s what we do after we flip over the table that counts.

It’s okay to lose our cool sometimes, but if we don’t learn anything from it or try to improve, then why are we even here on this planet, am I right?


So, I’m going to continue my eternal battle against worry and make it a priority to NOT be a Bridezilla.

Because no one likes Bridezilla.

No one.




If you liked this or it made you laugh or you appreciated seeing Nick Jonas, let me know by clicking the little shiny like star, or perhaps reblogging, or maybe even emailing me (gasp!).

Much love, Thoughtsofhomes

Your Priorities = Your Life





Grocery Shopping.


Home Repairs.


All of these things are common priorities. Not in order mind you…. I promise I shower more often than I go to the grocery store.

About a year ago, I totally sucked at priorities.

In fact, I sucked so bad I almost didn’t graduate and almost lost my husband-to-be.

via Tonight Show

Yeah. I know…

But, hey. Priorities are hard! Especially when you are younger.

People say things like:

via Logotv
Or this:

via ABC
Okay, maybe a slap isn’t something people say, but you get the point.

When you are young, or going through a crisis, (which, if we are going to be real here, is pretty much the same thing) how do you know how to “do you” when you don’t know who you is…are?

via Paramount Pictures
Well, if you have lost your sense of self, something I have noticed is that those close to you have pretty good insight into who you are. They have an outside perspective on you that you can’t experience.

Sometimes, they can tell you what they think your priorities should be and you’ll find yourself answering…

However, you have to be careful who you consider a close friend. One of the reasons I almost lost my now-fiancĂ© is because I listened to people whom I considered to be close friends…but, those friends were not interested in my well-being in the way I was for them.

You have to make sure that the people you ask to help you discover what your priorities are actually consider you a priority– not what they can get from you.

It’s so easy to take good priorities for granted until they get out of order and you feel as if the once-smooth bike ride of life is more like this….

via Paramount
I think we naturally know when our priorities are out of whack. It’s easy to say we will get to our priorities when we are not so busy. But, when it comes to relationships or job opportunities or groceries per-say…. there is an expiration date (whether we like it or not).

If we let our food or our relationships or business contacts grow old, they may no longer be good when you come back for them.

I was lucky.

Even though I let my relationship with my fiancé go stagnant back when we were friends, life brought us back together again and I got a second chance to make him the priority he really is to me.

That isn’t normal and that may not happen for you and you could lose something you wanted… maybe even something or someone you wanted for the rest of your life.

So, please. Take the time to choose your priorities wisely because your priorities are your life. They are what you fill your days with and what you spend your energy on. So, don’t let something invaluable pass you by. Don’t let it grow cold. Don’t let it wither.

You may only have one chance. So take it.

The Importance of Being Surrounded by Believers

About a week and a half into my new job, I was promoted.

However, the new guy I just trained is already better than me at being a barista.

A saying I always hated, but I am beginning to feel truly resonates with my life is:

“Those who cant do, teach.”

I always thought it was dissing on teachers, and it probably is meant to…

…but, I really am not that good of a barista…. but, my trainer started asking me to train other people and my assistant manager began teaching me things that other people didn’t learn in the basic training.

When I train people to froth milk, their first try is normally better than my average (given, I have only been a barista for a month and I get little time on bar).

So, maybe I am the type that can’t do (or at least can’t do very well), but can teach.

And, I am realizing that as I have gotten older, not only can I teach, but I can facilitate. I can organize.

As I have been asked to become a lead (essentially a stand-in for a manager) I can tell that these are skills others can see in me.

And I didn’t really see them until I was placed in this position.

I realized these skills because someone saw them in me and believed in me.

And, being a teacher, I always knew the importance of believing in your students.

However, it’s nice to be the “believee”.

It’s empowering to be believed in.

It makes you aware of your skills and makes you aware of something to develop and improve.

Who believes in you? What have they inspired you to do or to be? Who do you believe in?

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